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Bob Marley Nine Mile


Your trip takes you through some of the most breathtaking picturesque scenery in Jamaica, traveling to the village of Nine Mile, a quaint little place in the beautiful mountains of St. Ann. This is where the legendary "King of Reggae", Bob Marley was born on February 6th 1945, is the very same place he was later laid to rest.
The tour starts at the family’s house where the family’s history began. Many of Bob's close family still lives there.
The tour takes you through the house Bob lived in as a young boy, and your Rastafarian guide will share with you little known insights into Bob Marley's childhood and musical career. You will also see the Fireside where Young Bob Marley cooked his meals as depicted in the song "No Woman no cry" quote “we would cook cornmeal porridge of which I share with you. You will get to stand on "Mount Zion Rock" where Bob used to meditate and rest his head on "the pillow" made famous in the song "Talking Blues". Finally, walk through the mausoleum, which is the final resting place of the Reggae King.